A life changing event to learn practical ways to live longer, live better and live well.

Dr. David Sinclair
Professor of Genetics
Harvard Medical School
Dr. Mark Hyman
Podcast Host
The Doctor's Farmacy
Joining virtually via livestream
Functional Medicine
Dr. Michael Greger
Physician & Author
How Not to Die
Bryan Johnson
Joining virtually via livestream
Age Reversal
Dr. Daisy Robinton
Oviva Therapeutics
Edwina Rogers
CEO & White House Advisor
Global Healthspan Policy Institute
Dr. Andrew Steele
Scientist & Author
NY Times Bestseller Ageless
Dr. Omri Amirav-Drory
General Partner
Lisa Ireland
President & CEO
Longevity Science Foundation
Longevity Care
Brian Kennedy
National University Singapore
Dr. Matt Lieberman
Neuroscience Lab Director
Dr. Jennifer Garson
Buck Institute
Reproductive Longevity
Longevity science made simple.
Discover the latest scientific discoveries, breakthrough drugs, and remarkable technology, you can improve your health, boost your performance, and add healthy, happy years to your life.

At the Livelong Summit™, you'll meet world class doctors, scientists, and researchers you can trust. They'll simplify the latest science and present new discoveries so you can take action in your own life right now. Ask them your tough questions - you'll get real, honest answers that will transform your life.

Bring a friend. Bring your health questions. Walk away changed. It’s time to take control of your health journey to live a longer, healthier life.

What are you missing?
Who can you trust?
Live better, live long.
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Connect, discover, and g​et answers to your biggest health and longevity questions.
What our attendees are saying:
"The quality of the speakers is unmatched. I want information on new tests, procedures and interventions. It will all be explained at the Livelong Summit."
- Sherry Chris, Palm Beach, Florida

"I am a 39 year old working-mom with 3 kids and 2 dogs. My days are slammed, but I couldn't resist the Livelong Summit. My worries are maintaining a healthy lifestyle while always on the go, looming women's health issues and being my best self. The agenda spoke to me."
- Liz Cardenas, San Francisco Bay Area, California

"The timing is perfect for this event. I read books about living longer and pick up bits and pieces from the internet, friends and my doctors. But the best of the best all in one place, time to focus!"
- Peter Palmisano, Palm Springs, California.
Featured Sessions
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Can We Slow & Reverse Aging?
3:15 pm
Join renowned longevity expert Dr. David Sinclair as he delves into cutting-edge research and insights, exploring the possibilities and science behind slowing down and reversing the aging process for a longer, healthier life.
Dr. David A. Sinclair
Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School
Young Forever
3:15 pm
Secrets to living your longest, healthiest life.
Dr. Mark Hyman, Founder & Director, The UltraWellness Center
Fired Up About Female Longevity
What if we could get rid of menopause? New efforts to boost women's health and extend fertility depend on developing tools to slow the aging of ovaries.
Dr. Daisy Robinton, CEO & Co-Founder, Oviva Therapeutics
Going Bonkers For Life: Maximally Slowing the Speed of Biological Aging
A professional rejuvenation athlete shares his blueprint to longevity. Does it make sense making your only goal in life to live longer?
Bryan Johnson, Founder/CEO, Blueprint, Kernel & OS Fund
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Who should join us?
This is an all-ages, all-backgrounds event. You don’t need a clinic or a startup to come learn about the latest tools, therapies, and interventions. If you want to live better, Livelong is for you.
People excited about cutting-edge research, technology breakthroughs and the people who are leading the charge in longevity.
The Curious
Those passionate about extending their health and happiness as long as they can.
Health Practitioners
Providers and practitioners looking to learn and expand their network and knowledge about innovations in life extension.
Companies, founders, and leaders in the industry that are looking for investment opportunities related to longevity technology, innovation, and business.
Scientists and researchers shaping the future of healthcare who are studying aging, life extension, and innovations in longevity.
About the creator
Award-winning journalist and publisher, Brad Inman has a thirty-year history producing world-class events.

“I am a happy 70-year old husband, father and grandfather. The Grim Reaper is my only significant fear. In my quest for innovative and credible medical information about living longer, I struggled finding trusted and vetted experts and non-biased or non-conflicted sources. That is why I am organizing  Livelong Summit–to help the millions of people who feel the same way, so together we can live longer, healthier lives.”
Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional before starting any exercise, wellness or health program. Nothing in our content, products or services should be considered, or used as a substitute for, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Livelong Summit is a media company and not a medical provider.
About Us
Among other ventures, Brad Inman is the founder of Inman Group, real estate’s leading name in news, information, innovation and events and has a personal interest in longevity and health.
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What to Expect
· Hear from forward-thinking scientists and clinicians

· Connect with leading-edge doctors and technology pioneers

· Decode intricate scientific and medical conceptsLearn practical steps to enhance your well-being

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West Palm Beach, Florida
Nestled in the picturesque paradise on the east coast of Florida, Livelong Summit will be taking over the Palm Beach Convention Center for our two-day event. Not only is the convention center within walking distance to hotels, renowned dining establishments, the majestic Atlantic Ocean, Palm Beach and the surrounding area is known for its beautiful architecture, gorgeous beaches, and booming wellness industry.
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Looking for a hotel? Book at the Hilton West Palm Beach and get our exclusive Livelong Summit Room Rates for $399.00 (plus taxes and fees). Click here to book online or call the hotel directly at 561-231-6000 (choose option 1 and ask for the ZLC group rate). The block reservations close February 23, 2024.
Why Attend?
Knowledge and Information
Networking Opportunities
Access to Experts
New Technologies and Innovations
Personalized Health Strategies
Motivation and Inspiration
Business Opportunities
Health and Wellness Practices
Access to Resources
Personal Growth
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This is an invitation to take control of your health journey. Technology now allows us to create personalized health strategies. Are you ready to revolutionize your well-being? We’ll see you in Palm Beach.

Live better, live long.