The Agenda
2024 Agenda
Friday, March 15
1:00 - 6:00 PM
Registration & Exhibit Hall Open
3:00 PM
Welcome to Your Healthspan Journey

My path to a healthier, longer, and more fulfilling life. What am I missing? Who can I trust?


Brad Inman, Founder & Host of the Livelong Summit
Meital Dohan,
Actress, Singer, & Co-Host of the Livelong Summit

3:15 PM
Can We Slow & Reverse Aging?

Join renowned longevity expert Dr. David Sinclair as he delves into cutting-edge research and insights, exploring the possibilities and science behind slowing down and reversing the aging process for a longer, healthier life.


Dr. David A. Sinclair, Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School

Followed by Q&A with Dr. Andrew Steele

4:00 PM
How Social Experiences Shape Our Brain Health and Longevity

We’re not who we think we are. What do our brains tell us about social belonging and how does that translate into how we live, work, and experience the world?


Dr. Matt Lieberman, Neuroscientist, UCLA

4:30 PM
Surprising Lessons on Immortality from an Artist

Extending objective and subjective lifespan, and even achieving true immortality.


Drue Kataoka, Globally Renowned Artist, Technologist, and CEO of Drue Kataoka Art Studios in Silicon Valley

4:45 PM
Young Forever

Secrets to living your longest, healthiest life.

Joining virtually via livestream


Dr. Mark Hyman, Founder & Director, The UltraWellness Center

Moderated by Brad Inman & Dr. Andrew Steele

5:15 PM
Unveiling the Unseen: New Ways to Figure Out What’s Inside Your Body That You Don't Know About

There's a lot of questions and excitement about whole body MRI scans and its potential to shape the healthcare landscape for both patients and physicians. How can these scans shape the way we view healthcare? 


Andrew Lacy, Prenuvo

Dr. Caitlin Prickett, Concierge Medicine of Boca Raton

Moderated by Peter Bowes, BBC

5:35 PM
Why I Dance To Live Longer

The values and benefits of dancing for longevity, happiness, and health.


Mauricio Umansky, The Agency

5:50 PM
MindTravel Piano Experience

An immersive, transformative, healing music experience.


Murray Hidary, Composer & Pianist

6:00 PM
VIP Reception
Saturday, March 16
7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Wake Up: Early Morning Activities

Participate in a guided meditation MindTravel walk to start out the day relaxed and ready to absorb with Murray Hiddary

Get in position for an hour of yoga in a beautiful setting

Participate in an Ageless morning workout with world class wellness and medical fitness trainers Nate Wilkins & Shebah Carfagna

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Registration & Exhibit Hall Open
8:30 AM
Ageless: The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Old

Can human beings be ageless? Dr. Andrew Steele breaks down the scientific implications of aging and how it could lead to the greatest revolution in the history of medicine.

Dr. Andrew Steele, Scientist & Author

9:00 AM
How Not to Diet & How Not to Die

New ways of thinking about your diet, what food to eat, and when to eat. What is the wisdom of a plant-based diet and is it really everything it's cracked up to be? Are there dangers?

Dr. Michael Greger, Physician, Author & Speaker on Public Health

9:35 AM
Fired Up About Female Longevity

What if we could get rid of menopause? New efforts to boost women's health and extend fertility depend on developing tools to slow the aging of ovaries.

Dr. Daisy Robinton, CEO & Co-Founder, Oviva Therapeutics

10:00 AM
Renewal Biology: Is This the Future or Sci-Fi?

Breakthroughs in technology, science, and biology. Let your imagination go, as innovators explore unknown territory for extending our lives.

Omri Amirav-Drory, General Partner, NFX Bio

Followed by Q&A with Antonio Regalado, Senior Editor, Biomedicine, MIT Technology Review

10:20 AM
Revitalize & Recharge: Stretch & Movement Break

Nate Wilkins, Health and Wellness Educator, Renowned Speaker, Fitness Coach and Author

Shebah Carfagna, Entrepreneur, Instructor, Fitness Coach, and Author

10:30 AM
Dementia and Alzheimer’s: Can It Be Stopped Before It Starts?

Dr. James Leverenz, Cleveland Clinic

Moderated by Edwina Rogers, Global Healthspan Policy Institute

10:50 AM
What to Do Now? New Tests, New Drugs & New Treatments

New tests, treatments and medicines are rolling out every day like whole body scans and cancer tests for “zombie” cells. What is the wisdom of medicines such as metformin, rapamycin and uncommon but legitimate supplements. What could these steps do to extend lifespan and healthspan?

Dr. David Karow, President & Chief Innovation Officer, Human Longevity, Inc.

Moderated by Brad Inman

11:10 AM
Functional Health: Do You Really Need Genetic Analysis?

Is this an alternative to the classic blood test when you have a problem? Does it really help prevent cancer and other diseases?

Dr. Matthew Dawson, Wild Health

Jean Fallacara, BioHacker Magazine

Moderated by Edwina Rogers, Global Healthspan Policy Institute

11:30 AM
Ethics, Scams and Empty Promises: What’s Real?

Issues that scientists and medical professionals need to take into account as they push for innovations in longevity and healthspan.

Lisa Ireland, President & CEO, The Longevity Science Foundation
Edwina Rogers, CEO, Global Healthspan Policy Institute

Bernard Siegel, Healthspan Action Coalition, Policy Expert in Regenerative Medicine & Human Cloning
Moderated by Dr. Andrew Steele

11:50 AM
Are You Willing to Give Up Everything to Live Longer?

A professional rejuvenation athlete shares his blueprint to longevity. Does it make sense making your only goal in life to live longer?

Joining virtually via livestream

Bryan Johnson, Founder/CEO, Blueprint, Kernel & OS Fund

Moderated by Brad Inman

12:30 PM - 1:00 PM
Networking Lunch Break

Grab your lunch and join the discussions with industry leaders.

1:00 to 2:00 PM
Drilling Down: Small Group Roundtable Discussions

Interact with others who share your concerns about select hot topics and get tips for maximizing your health.


1. Metformin & Rapamycin with Dr. Andrew Steele

2. Gut health with Edwina Rogers

3. Biohacking with Jean Fallarca

4. Genetic reprogramming with Dr. Matt Dawson

5. Aging brains & AI

6. Alzheimer's & Dementia with Dr. James Leverenz

7. Personalized stem cells with Dr. Omri Amirav-Drory

8. Inflammation

9. Apolipoprotein E gene

10. Aging skin, Cancer detection

11. Stem cells

12. Lifestyle with Dr. Greg Charlop

13. Ozempic & Wegovy

14. Joints and limbs

15. Bladder & digestive

16. Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise with Peter Bowes, BBC

17. Fertility

18. Plasma and blood therapies

19. Menopause with Dr. Jennifer Garrison

20. Breakthrough Workouts for Longevity with Nate Wilkins & Shebah Carfagna

Deep Dive Breakouts
2:00 to 4:00 PM
Breakout 1
Measuring Your Health & Attacking Big Problems
2:00 to 2:30 PM
The Killers

Heart disease
Degenerative diseases
Type 2 diabetes

With Lou Hawthorne, NaNotics

2:30 to 3:00 PM
Life Choices

Diet & exercise
Peace and meditation  
Weight, muscle & body mass

Moderated by John Bejakovic

3:00 to 3:30 PM
Tests, Interventions & Screenings

Blood work
DNA Body scans
Gene sequencing

Moderated by Antonio Regalado

3:30 to 4:00 PM
Wearables & Tracking Your Health




Dr. Andrew Steele

Breakout 2
Women's Health & Longevity
2:00 to 2:30 PM
Optimizing Menopause

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
Non-Hormonal Therapies
Innovations with lifestyle

Dr. Jennifer Garrison

Michele Promaulayko

2:30 to 3:00 PM
Fertility Breakthroughs

In vitro fertilization
Egg freezing
Genetic screening of embryos
AI-powered fertility prediction models

Dr. Daisy Robinton

Dr. Jennifer Garrison

Dr. Asima Ahmad

3:00 to 3:30 PM
Innovations in Mental Health

Brain science
New therapies & treatments
Treating anxiety

Dr. James Leverenz

3:30 to 4:00 PM
Diet & Exercise

Ozempic Benefits & Risks

Innovation in Cosmetic Surgeries

Rethinking your workout routine

Breakout 3
Longevity Trends for Medical Professionals
2:00 pm to 2:30 pm
Practical Ways to Add Longevity to Your Existing Practice

Requirements to practice longevity medicine
Patient Education
Staff Training
Integrating longevity services

Moderated by Dr. Chaas Grant

2:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Building a Longevity-Oriented Team

Hiring the right staff
Training & Certification
Opportunity for telemedicine practice vs. in-person location

3:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Financial Considerations & ROI in Longevity Medicine

Billing & Insurance
Fee Structures
Long-Term Financial Planning
How is malpractice insurance covered? Will I be able to get a policy?
Am I placing myself at medico-legal risk by practicing longevity medicine?

3:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Longevity Therapies and Interventions

Where should I focus?
Genetic testing
Nutritional Strategies
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Telomere Lengthening
Exercise and longevity

Dr. Greg Charlop

Dr. Brian Kennedy

What Should I Do Next?
4:00 to 4:30 pm
Getting motivated
Staying informed
Taking action

Moderated by Brad Inman
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